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Florida Shutters and Blinds Showcase | Over 20 Styles!

Living Room Shutters | Tampa Bay, Florida

Whether you are enjoying the old town art scene in St. Petersburg, Florida, the metropolitan area of Tampa, Florida, or the pristine beaches of Clearwater, your home is going to have to deal with constant sunlight. The top Florida shutters and blinds will not only add unique functionality to your living space, such as the ability to adjust the top or bottom half for more light or more privacy, but also the added touch of beauty that goes into something like custom motorized window shades.

In this post, we will highlight some of the different styles and brands of window treatments that we feel work the best for Florida houses, condos, apartments, and townhomes.

Plantation Shutters:

Plantation shutters are one of the staple features of the older homes that come to mind when we say something like “southern comfort”, unless of course you're a drinker. Plantation shutters were said to be brought here by the Spanish upon settlement and have since worked their way all across the globe because they function very well in regards to light control. You can read more about plantation shutters by clicking through to this article here.  Let’s highlight some styles of plantation shutters that seem to elicit a very inviting vibe in the homes that they are installed in.

Hunter Douglas | Plantation Shutters:

The Hunter Douglas style of plantation shutters is one of the most sought after options due to their all around appeal. A perfect balance of affordability, style, and functionality makes this one of the top choices on the market for plantation shutters.

Palm Beach:

The Palm Beach Collection is, obviously, inspired by beachside Florida homes. They are made with polysatin, and are UV resistant as well as humidity resistant, which is ideal for the climate that we all experience in the beautiful sunshine state.

New Style:

This new hybrid style is a proprietary blend of materials that gives the shutters a wood feel as well as the functionality of more modern materials. These come in a wide variety of colors to compliment any style. Call us today at (727) 228-3999 to set up a free consultation where we can go over the design process and choose between what styles and colors will fit your tastes.


The Heritance style of plantation shutters are made with real wood, and give off an air of class and sophistication. They are constructed in a dove-tail method and are, hands down, one of the sturdiest shutters available on the market today. Also available in a variety of colors.


Blinds are an all around great choice for any area of the home. Although you should be careful with vertical blinds if you have a young dog in the house, as they seem to like to destroy them as they are barking at the mailman. Here is a highlight of some of our custom vertical blinds and horizontal blinds on the market.

Horizontal Blinds:

Horizontal blinds are the main style chosen in Florida homes for room windows and kitchen windows. They are reasonable in price, lightweight and easy to maneuver with your lighting preferences. Check out some of our horizontal blind choices we have at!


The Normandy horizontal blinds are a customer favorite; they are hardwood and sturdy, and come with a child safe cord release.


The performance style of horizontal blinds are a faux wood which will make for easier maintenance and a lighter weight material.


Parkland horizontal blinds are a part of the Hunter Douglas collection, and are made with either oak or cherry wood varieties. The parkland collection has multiple slat widths, and colors as well. 


Everwood is another faux wood variation that uses modern technology to take away the maintenance of these blinds.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Solutions:

Provided by Hunter Douglas, the vertical blinds of the Vertical Solutions category are very reasonably priced making them an economically viable choice for someone looking for multiple window treatments for their entire house. Hunter Douglas provides these in a variety of colors and styles.


Somner is, yet again, a style design from Hunter Douglas, one of our favorite providers of window treatments. The options for this style are either aluminum, fabric or vinyl. Just like the vertical solutions, we suggest that you are very careful with the vertical blinds style if you own a puppy.

Sliding Panel:


Skyline sliding panel shutters are one of the only styles that can provide you with maximum privacy or maximum light exposure. This sleek design is common in condos all across Florida.

Custom Window Shades:

Custom window shades can work to be some of the most affordable window treatments on the market. They are simple in style, yet full in function. Make sure you do not skimp on the quality of shades that you purchase and install because cheap versions of shades can break in a matter of days. Here are the styles of shades that we carry.

Hunter Douglas:

As with all the other styles, the Hunter Douglas collection of shades is one we highly recommend to the clients for a multitude of reasons. Check out some of the styles this company provides in shades.

Applause Honeycomb:

This style aids in energy conservation due to the triple-cell design of the shade.

Duette Honeycomb:

The duette is similar to the applause but provides a slight variant in the styling. Consult with a pro here to discuss these and many more options you have for your Florida shutters and blinds.


These blinds almost look like shutters and control like shades. What a unique hybrid! They appear to be floating above your window when opened.


The silhouette style of shades can filter soft sunlight because of the double sheer panels. This makes it very easy to control the light quality in your home and will provide adequate privacy for those intimate moments.

Luminette Modern Draperies:

This style of modern draperies adds a touch of luxury to any room they adorn.


Inspired by classical roman shades, the vignette shades come in horizontal or vertical. When they have rose, they fit snug at the top of your window and look very much at home letting as much sunlight as you need in.


The provenance style of window shades are made from handwoven natural materials. If you are into the homey comfort that only mother earth can provide, then this is the option for you.


FS&B is a style of shade that provides unique styles for unique individuals. Check out some of our options below.

Phifer Solar Sunshades:

These are a thin relaxed shade that will go great on a side of the home that you like to look out of anyway, such as an ocean, downtown, or natural view.

Roman Shades:

Roman shades are a classic style of shades that have been around for a long time, read here the history of window treatments to learn more.

Woven Wood Shades:

Woven wood shades by FS&B are made with all natural materials and go great in a social room such as the living room or patio.


Roller Shades:

Roller Shades are a more modern style and are great for lofts and condos looking over the ocean.


The one style we carry by Lafayette, interior fashion, is the Allure Transitional Shades that are quite possibly the most customizable shades we offer. They offer these in vertical, horizontal, privacy optional, European, and traditional; you can’t go wrong with this variety.

Motorized Shades:

Ask about the motorized shades options. You would be surprised at how convenient motorized shades can be for the morning time, movie time, and whatever other time you can think of. Maximize your comfort with motorized shades.

So there you have it! Over 20 options of custom plantation shutters, blinds, and shades. If you are in St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Clearwater Florida, Click through this link to set up a free consultation in which we can further go over your window treatment needs as well as the design process.