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How Plantation Shutters Add Value to a Home

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You’re engaged in a difficult debate with yourself. Your home needs new shutters, and you had your eye on plantation shutters, but you’re just not sure if these are the right choice. Will plantation shutters add value to your home or should you consider other options?

If you’re interested in increasing your home’s value, plantation shutters are one of your best choices. These shutters increase the curb appeal of your home in the following ways:

• Great energy efficiency

•Simple maintenance

•Beautiful, classy design

•Impressive longevity

•Ideal privacy control

If you’re still not totally convinced plantation shutters are the right pick for your Tampa area home, you’ll want to keep reading. In this article, you’ll learn more about all six of the above great plantation shutter benefits as well as tips for finding the right shutters for you.

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Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to a Home?

If there’s any lingering doubt, hopefully it’s now been dispelled. It is indeed true that plantation shutters are valuable in a variety of ways. Whether you care more about looks, maintenance, or energy efficiency, here are six ways your home will be its most valuable–and beautiful–with plantation shutters.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Today, being eco-friendly is more of a concern than ever before. If you’re going to install a permanent fixture in your home such as plantation shutters, you may worry about the shutters’ long-term effects on the environment.

Luckily, those worries are unnecessary. Plantation shutters act as an insulation layer in your living room, family room, or bedroom since they blockade sunlight from getting into your home. Besides insulating, the shutters also lessen window heat transfer.

When your home retains heat better, you don’t feel inclined to go to the thermostat every few hours and crank up the heat. In the summer, more cool air remains in the home so you can give your air conditioner a break, probably a much-needed one.

Month by month, this equals up to big savings on your energy bills. The cost of your plantation shutters will eventually be recouped back to you and then some with all the cash you’ll pocket with this energy-efficient choice!

Fast, Easy Maintenance

Keeping your home tidy is like a job in and of itself. Tasks like cleaning the blinds or shutters can create even more difficulties if you have to untangle cables and strings from a set of Venetian blinds each time you want to dust them.

Plantation shutters don’t use strings and cables, so you’re already saving time there. You can grab a trusty feather duster or other soft cleaning instrument to get between the louvers and keep them dust-free. This takes minutes out of your day every week so you don’t have to spend your whole weekend cleaning.

Should you ever decide to sell your property, a stunning fixture like plantation shutters that are also easy to maintain will be a major selling point.

Timeless, Elegant Style

When you decide to make sweeping changes to your home, you have to think about how trendy those changes will be in five or 10 years. Outdated fixtures can hurt your home’s value since you look out of touch.

You don’t have to stress about falling out of trend with plantation shutters in your home. Timeless, elegant, and classy, plantation shutters have a simple yet winning design that never goes out of style.

The shutters also eschew patterns that may be trendy at the moment, but will become less so as the years go by. The neutral or colorful hues available for plantation shutters will even match most home décor with no need to do any painting or redecorating.

If you decide to put your home on the market and potential buyers see your living room or family room is accented with plantation shutters, it’s going to impress them. You may get more offers and potentially even higher offers because it’s clear that you care about your home. 

Great Longevity

Another point you have to think hard on when remodeling your home is how long your new addition will last. You would hate to get new shutters only to have them fall apart within five years or fewer.

Plantation shutters have an impressively long lifespan, 25 to 50 years on average. By caring for your shutters, such as using them properly and cleaning them often, you could even squeeze a few more years out of them.

You don’t necessarily have to stay in your home for that long, but you can feel confident that you’re not saddling new buyers with a fixture that will break a few years into their tenure at the house. They too can enjoy the plantation shutters for decades to come.

Privacy and Light Control

One of the reasons you’re likely looking into shutters in the first place is because you don’t want an outsider to easily be able to look into your home. For a great sense of privacy, it’s hard to beat plantation shutters. You can snap them closed when you’re not home or once the sun goes down so no one can get even a glimpse into your living room or bedroom at night.

Besides their great privacy control, plantation shutters are adept at letting just the right light in a room. Perhaps you like the shutters fully open first thing in the morning when the sun isn’t at full intensity. By the afternoon, you can adjust the shutters so they let in just a bit of light.

Plantation Shutters

How to Choose the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Home

You see how plantation shutters can enhance the beauty and appeal of your property. Now the hard part is finding the right set of shutters. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction, with the help of Made in the Shade.

Create a Budget

For any home remodel project, working with a budget is critical. This ensures you don’t overspend and also that you have the funds to allocate towards the project.

Select Your Style

Not all plantation shutters are identical. You might be interested in hybrid shutters, which combine materials. These plantation shutters have different louver thicknesses as well. You can get louvers at 2 ½ inches thick for a slim, streamlined set of shutters or a louver thickness of 4 ½ inches for great sun-blocking capabilities. 

Pick a Color

The color of plantation shutters can augment or blend into a room. If you have a neutral-hued living room, then white or gray shutters should fit right in. A set of shutters in black can create a nice contrast that draws the eye in that direction.

For a bedroom with touches of color, you can match your plantation shutters or go against the grain with a different color altogether. You can even get custom-mixed shutter colors if you want to do something truly unique.

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Plantation shutters are an ideal home addition if you want to make your residence more valuable. The shutters are energy-efficient, timeless and beautiful, and they could last you upwards of 50 years with the right maintenance.

You might not plan on putting your home on the market now or anytime in the future, but you can rest assured that with plantation shutters, your home’s value will steadily increase nonetheless.