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Window Treatment Ideas For Florida Homes | Shutters, Blinds, and Shades

Plantation shutters in the living room

If you are in the Tampa Bay Area and are looking to install custom shutters, blinds, or shades, use our examples below as inspiration before making your decision. Feel free to contact us through our consultation page and set up a free consultation! 

Silhouette Shades:


Dining Room Custom Plantation Shutters


Dark Wood Plantation Shutters for the Living Room


Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors:


Custom Plantation Shutters for The Sitting Room. 


Sliding Panel Shades


Sliding Panels for Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding Shade Panels


Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds In The Dining Room


Pirouette Shades:


Now you have some ideas brimming through your head about the styles of shutters blinds and shades and the possibilities that come from those options. Keep in mind how much light you would like to come through, how much privacy you need, and whether or not you have a pet that may potentially destroy any of these installations. 

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