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Motorized Shades, Shutters and Blinds Make Life Easier

At various stages of life, being able to control your window shades, blinds or shutters with the touch of a button can be a small luxury that makes life much easier. Parents of small children may appreciate not having to worry about them getting entangled in cords. Those entering the golden years of life might have trouble with the small motor dexterity necessary to twist wands that control the amount of light entering the home through the windows. Busy professionals or students can also benefit from being able to simply touch a button to adjust their window coverings.

Most importantly, at least to us at Florida Shutters & Blinds being in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, the sunrise There's nothing more precious than the few minutes you take to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning. Relax into your day, take the time you need, and when you are ready, use the remote control to slowly introduce the morning light to your fresh skin. 

Second most importantly, the sunset. You just got home to your clearwater condo from a long day out, the sun is getting ready to set and you settle in. As you sink into your bathtub you see the light peeking through. Getting out of this tub is simply not an option. With the amenity of motorized shades, you won't need to worry about that ever. Just hit the switch and soak the beautiful sunset in through the comfort of your home. 

Once available only to those with grand budgets for their window treatments, motorized blinds and shades are now more affordable. Contact us today to discuss the options available for motorization when it comes to your window coverings. We’d love the opportunity to discuss this technology, as well as our other products. 

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