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Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Each Room of Your Home

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Choosing window treatments is about more than just blocking out light or maintaining your home’s privacy. It’s also about the overall look and feel of your home. Window treatments help to set the tone of each room and even affect the look of the house from the outside, so you always want to choose the right ones for your space. There are a lot of choices, and it’s easy to start feeling decision paralysis when trying to choose.

There are ways to help make sure you’re making the right choices for your home:

  • Take Hardware Into Account
  • Consider the Function of the Room
  • Go Classic Without Dating Yourself
  • Don’t Forget to Get the Details Right

Take a look at some tips that will help you get the right window treatments for your home.

Take Hardware Into Account

It’s easy to focus on the fabric of your curtains or the size and color of your blinds, but you shouldn’t forget the hardware involved in window treatments. The design of the rod holding your curtains, for example, can affect how they look.

Would a metallic rod go best with the fabric you’re considering, or would a wooden rod look better? What kind of designs are available? What about the curtain rings? The right hardware could take a set of curtains that might be a good choice and turn them into an obvious winner. Be sure to consider all of your options and look at different combinations to get the best ideas for your windows.

Consider the Function of the Room

The type of room you’re in can and should influence the kinds of window treatments that you want. If it’s your bedroom and you’re a night shift worker, it’s smart to consider blackout curtains so that you get good sleep during the day – but you don’t want to do that all over the house.

For a kitchen, you might want sheer curtains that let in a lot of natural light for a bright, cheery look. Colors like white or yellow help open up a smaller room, and a cute pattern could add some whimsy. On the other hand, in a formal dining room, you might prefer heavier drapes in a solid color to add to the atmosphere of the room. Each room in your house will have a particular room with its own aesthetic, and you should try to choose window treatments that match and enhance both the purpose and look of that space.

Go Classic Without Dating Yourself

You probably don’t want to have to change your window treatments very frequently and you shouldn’t have to. The trick is to find window treatment solutions that are classic and timeless, not ones that will look outdated and old quickly.

Consider plantation shutters as an example. These window treatments have been around for a long time, especially in the South. Not only have they not become outdated, but they’re also gaining popularity all around the country. According to Better Homes and Gardens, they’re a classic design that doesn’t age. They also have several benefits for your home. They’re easily adjustable and versatile to allow in more or less light, depending on what you need at the time. They can provide a lot of privacy without making your home look uninviting, and they also give your windows some extra security. They’re even easy to take care of and clean. It’s definitely worth considering this kind of window treatment as a long-term solution that will remain attractive without you needing to update or replace them frequently.

Don’t Forget to Get the Details Right

Of course, when you’re buying window treatments, the details matter, so you will need to be sure to get them right. Have the correct measurements, not just for the width of the window but for the length as well. You want to make sure that the window treatments reach not only across the glass but also a bit on either side of the window, unless you want them to fit within the frame. Make sure they hang down far enough to cover the entire window. If you have the wrong measurements, even window treatments that would otherwise look great in that room will appear unattractive.

The height and width of the room matter as well. You can always choose curtains that stretch further and hang lower than is actually required for the window. Doing this can make a window appear larger, and that can create the illusion of making a smaller room appear larger as well.


Choosing the right window treatments is a decision that depends on a lot of factors and can be affected by small mistakes. Be sure to take all the relevant facts into account, including hardware, measurements, and the room itself. Opt for window treatment styles that will still look great years from now over what’s trendy at the moment.