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What Are the Most Popular Window Treatment in 2023?

What Are the Most Popular Window Treatment in 2023?

A desire for a new look often accompanies the dawn of a new year. If you’re looking for a way to update the look of your home, consider your home’s window treatments. While this may seem like a small part of the home, the truth is that different window coverings can give the room an entirely new look and feel, which may be just what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the window blinds, shades, and other treatments you might consider this year:

  • Drapes in Bold Colors
  • Dark Blinds
  • Traditional Plantation Shutters
  • Motorization Options

Take a look at some of the top choices for window treatments for 2023.

Drapes in Bold Colors

When you choose drapes for your windows, you have a wide range of colors and styles to work with. This year, opt for drapes in bold, bright colors and remarkable patterns. Like adding a piece of artwork to your wall, a brightly-colored and patterned set of drapes will draw the eye and make the room more visually interesting.

These are a particularly good choice if the room and the furniture are more neutral colors. Your space needs some colors to make it pop, and it’s quicker, more practical, and more cost-effective to change the drapes than to bring in new furniture or paint the walls. Bright and colorful drapes can also help direct the eyes away from imperfections in the window itself.

This is also a terrific opportunity to make sure the room showcases your tastes and personality. An attention-grabbing pattern or even a bright solid color helps set the room they’re in apart from rooms designed with another person’s tastes in mind. Use your window coverings to make sure the room is a reflection of you.

Dark Blinds

If you prefer window blinds and you’re adding them to a room with light-colored walls, consider a dark shade for the blinds – think navy, burgundy, or slate. Dusky shades look luxurious and classy, and they’ll contrast with the lighter wall colors to add depth and texture. These dark shades will also pair well with a wide range of other colors. They’re more neutral than lighter and brighter shades.

Another benefit of blinds that are darker in color is that they don’t show dust as easily as blinds in lighter colors, so if you haven’t dusted them recently and are surprised by an unexpected guest, you don’t have to worry that the blinds will betray your housekeeping habits. This makes them a good choice for a living room or a Florida room. Dark blinds can also help in rooms that need significant light control. Rooms in a particularly sunny part of the home or bedrooms that belong to night shift workers can be great places for these.

Traditional Plantation Shutters

Just because you’re in the market for a new look doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a traditional appearance. After all, a classic look never really goes out of style. Plantation shutters aren’t new – they arrived with Spanish settlers – but they are a classically Southern style that creates a charming and stately look and feel for your home.

Plantation shutters are a good choice because of their ability to provide privacy and block light, and also because of the amount of light they let in when desired. The louvers allow you a great degree of customization when it comes to the amount of light you let in at any given time, so you can get more or less of it as you require.

Natural light is a money-saving alternative to using electric lights during the day, but it’s also important in other ways. According to Healthline, natural light has a number of health benefits including warding off seasonal depression and improving sleep, so you want to make sure that you’re getting some even on days when you’re stuck indoors.

Motorization Options

No matter what kind of window treatments you choose, you should find out what motorization options are available to you. These days, you don’t have to open or close every individual window treatment when you want to let light in or block it out. With the right motorization option, all you need to do is hit a button.

All kinds of people can benefit from motorized window treatments. People who have mobility issues will find their windows easier to operate. Parents of small children won’t need to worry about potentially hazardous cords dangling from motorized windows. The convenience of being able to open or close the window treatments with a touch is also helpful to busy folks or those who simply value convenience.


People looking to update their homes with new window treatments have several good options depending on what kind of treatment they prefer. Drapes, blinds, and plantation shutters are all good choices, and people should also consider their options for motorization.