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Three Reasons Why You Should Have Custom Vertical Blinds

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When deciding how to dress your windows, you have many options to choose from. One popular choice, particularly for sliding glass doors and large picture windows, is to have vertical blinds installed. This type of window treatment is best for windows that are wider than they are tall, which is why large expanses of glass are the ones most often covered by vertical blinds. If you’re trying to decide whether they’re right for you, consider these advantages.

The Reasons To Have Vertical Blinds


#1 Vertical Blinds Keep the Sun Out in the Summer


During the hottest part of the day, you can strategically arrange your blinds to keep the sun’s rays outside where they belong. Because vertical blinds tilt from side to side, you can turn them so they’re deflecting the sun while still letting in some light. Of course, during colder weather, you’ll want to open them wider or tilt them the other way so the sun can come in. By determining where the sun is shining in relation to how your home is positioned, you can actually lower your energy bills.


#2 Vertical Blinds Allow for Privacy in Your Largest Windows


Your slider or picture window can let the world peer into your home, particularly when it’s dark outside and you have your indoor lights on. During the day, if you want to fully open your blinds, you can pull them all the way to the side so they’re not obstructing your view of the great outdoors, but as day turns to dusk, they’ll easily move into place to shield you and your family from the eyes of those outside of your home.


#3 Vertical Blinds Look Great


There’s just something about vertical blinds that look high-end. With many different materials and shades to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a custom blinds option that fits not only your budget, but also your decorating style. Some of the finishes available are vinyl, wood, metal and fabric. You can even choose easy-to-care-for vinyl that looks like wood or metal, for the ultimate combination of low maintenance and high visual appeal.

If you have been considering vertical blinds for your home, the window treatment experts at Florida Shutters and Blinds can help. We offer a free in-home consultation so you can take a look at the various products that we have. A designer will help you choose what would look and function best in each window that you want to have treated. There’s no cost or obligation, so call today to find out whether vertical blinds are right for you.