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Florida Shutters and Blinds | Three Types of Window Treatments

Plantation Shutters | Tampa, Florida

Out in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida, the temperature rarely drops below 60 degrees. With all of that heat, the accompanying sunshine can get a bit too much sometimes. Just like we use air conditioning to maintain the heat of our home, we use different window treatments to regulate the light exposure of our homes. In this article we will go over some of the window treatments that we provide at Florida Shutters and Blinds.

Plantation Shutters:

Plantation shutters are an older form of window treatments that originally came here from the Spanish settlers upon their arrival to the states. They have become increasingly more popular as of late because of the trend to want more light in the home area.

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Custom Blinds:

The blinds are a form of window treatment that are less sturdy than shutters, but still have a great place on the windows in the bathroom and bedroom windows. Horizontal blinds provides a flexible and lightweight solution to window treatments.

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Custom Shades:

Shades are way to get maximum privacy while still allowing light to come through. Things such as condo rooms townhomes are great for shades. They add a great ambience to the room.

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Keep in mind that different styles of window treatments can be used for different degrees. Be aware of the stability of each type of window treatment if you have a pet because the last thing you want after installing your new set of shades is for your pet to bark at the mailmen and destroy what you just invested in.

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