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Do Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

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Windows are the eyes of your home. They let light in and are a focal point for visitors. The right window treatments can make it stand out. Some window treatments add value to your home, while others do nothing to increase your home’s worth. So when updating your home’s window treatments, how do you know which ones increase the value the most?

When beginning your renovation, whether to sell now or later, you should understand the following:

  • How Can Window Treatments Increase The Value of a Home?
  • What Can Keep Window Treatments From Adding Value?
  • What Types of Window Treatments Add Value?
  • How Much Return on Investment Can You Expect?

Ready to learn more? Stop Googling your favorite drapes and continue reading to discover how to make window treatments work in your favor.

How Window Treatments Increase Home Value

When choosing window treatments, you probably are not thinking about how they will affect the value of your home. Instead, functionality and looks are based on your needs now. The right choices increase the property value because of curb appeal, natural light filtration, and potential cost-saving measures.

Curb Appeal

When you think of curb appeal, your mind automatically goes to landscaping. However, like with the landscaping, updated window treatments can increase a property's curb appeal. When your home is on the market, the first thing that potential buyers see is the outside. The way the windows look from the street can cause a potential buyer to want to see more--or not.

Dirty or broken windows will put the buyer off immediately. The same goes for outdated, dingy, or broken window treatments. Buyers are less willing to look further if they are not drawn in. When you add custom window treatments, the curb appeal of your home increases.

Natural Light Filtration

When it comes time to sell your home, being able to brag about the amount of natural light it lets in is a big selling point. This is something that helps to bring out the personality of your home.

Potential buyers will be more inclined to purchase a home that has copious amounts of natural lighting. It makes the home feel larger and more open. The right window treatments will accent how much light enters during the day.

Potential Cost-Savings

Custom window treatments are not inexpensive. So, they may not feel like a cost-saving measure. However, with accurately measured treatments and design, you might be able to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home.

For example, according to the National Association of Realtors, Honeycomb Shades allow light in while keeping the cool air in your home instead of seeping through the windowpanes. When a potential buyer looks into past energy bills, reduced costs can be a great selling point.

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What Can Keep Window Treatments From Adding Value?

While window treatments can help to add value to your home, there are some cases when the opposite holds true. If the blinds or shutters are outdated or in disrepair, that may end up lowering the value. Likewise, inexpensive plastic blinds purchased at hardware or home goods stores won’t add anything to your home.

If the window treatments are discolored or incorrectly installed, they won’t help the resale value either. In addition, if you have improperly sized shades that do not serve any purpose, you won’t see any additional value.

While drapes do serve a purpose, it wouldn't be a bad idea to swap them out for shutters or blinds. Think about what the buyer is looking for. To you, drapes look beautiful and classic, but to a potential buyer, they may appear unappealing and outdated.

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What Types of Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

What kinds of window treatments will help boost your home's value? To add the most value to your home, you should focus on wood blinds, shades, or functional plantation shutters.

Wood Blinds

When you say the phrase "window blinds," the first image that pops into most people’s heads is the traditional plastic mini blinds or the plastic vertical blinds popular in the ‘70s.

Wood blinds, however, can make your home feel more modern. Most can be cut to your window’s measurements to give them a custom fit. For windows in your home that might be an odd size, you can have wood blinds custom-made to ensure a proper fit. Remember, even nice wood or faux-wood blinds can detract from the look of your home if they are not fitted properly.


As drapes clearly don't increase home value, it's best that you research window treatments that do. Roman or cellular shades are two great options. Roman shades help to keep distracting light out at night and provide plenty of privacy. During the day, they roll up out of the way. Because they come in various styles, you can pick a neutral color that will compliment your home.

Honeycomb shades, sometimes called cellular shades, are another wise choice for those concerned with energy efficiency. These filter light and insulate the window to help reduce energy costs. In addition, the blinds are made from a soft cloth or paper-like material instead of hard, rigid wood.

Functional Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters do more than just make your home look good. These shutters are functional as well as stylish. The different louver sizes allow you to adjust the amount of light coming through the windows. As they are custom-made, it is certain that each set of shutters will fit the windows perfectly.

They can be a more expensive option. However, plantation shutters do add value to your home. Not convinced it’s worth the price? Check out How Plantation Shutters Add Value to Home.

How Much of a Return on Investment Can You Expect?

The right window treatments will add value to your home. But, unfortunately, there is no way to know how much value they will amount to. For some improvements, you may be able to recoup up to 100% of the costs. Other improvements only bring back a fraction of the money you spent.

How much you can see as a return will depend on the market.


Now that you have a better understanding of how window treatments add value, you’re ready to move forward with your home renovations. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the types of window treatments to consider. Try to go with more updated choices that future buyers will appreciate, such as plantation shutters and honeycomb shades.